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*Long Live The Who*

Last Updated: June 28, 2002
Published: January 20, 2002
Created On: January 11, 2002
You've already heard this, but John Entwistle died yesterday. Cried my eyes out I did! And in his honour, I've made a new page: Thunder Fingers! And if you scroll down a bit, I've added a little memorial to him and Keith. They're jamming in heaven now. :)
25th August, 2005
HELLO EVERYONE!  It has been three long years since I last updated!  I am now finally able to log into Tripod.  While I'm not going to add to this site anymore, I want you all to know I'm creating a new Who website and transcribing (+ revising) a bunch of the pages from this site!  It's located at  Please spread the word and don't forget to add it to your Favourites folder.  :)  I'm so happy!

YOU HEARD HIM! Now sign the guest book!

Keith Moon - Drums/Vocals
Pete Townshend - Guitar/Piano/Vocals
John Entwistle - Bass/Piano/French Horn/Vocals
Roger Daltrey - Vocals/Harmonica

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*Keith tought Ringo Starr's son Zak how to play drums. Zak is now the drummer for The Who! Oooh, cool!
*"Quadrophenia" is when one person has four personalities in one. On the album "Quadrophenia", there were songs written for each member of The Who. (Four members, four personalities, get it??)
*The little jingles on "The Who Sell Out" were done only by John and Keith. They went to a local bar and thought them up there.
*John and Keith were best friends. You may not know it, but John did more 'looning about' the clubs than any other member, even more than Keith!
*That was Pete saying "I saw ya!" at the end of 'Happy Jack'. Keith wanted to sign on that song, but they wouldn't let him, so he was put in another room. When Pete, John, and Roger would get together to do the "Lalalalalala!" parts, Keith would make a weird face at them through a window and make them laugh. So he was instructed to lie flat on his back until they were done. Near the very end, Keith crawls up to the window, pops his head up, looks at them, and goes back down. Pete saw him, and therfore said "I saw ya!" while the tape was still rolling.


I think (No, wait! I KNOW) The Who is the greatest band of all time. It's true! They have THE greatest drummer to ever live, (Keith Moon) the greatest bass guitarist to ever live, (John Entwistle) one of the greatest lead guitarists to ever live, (Pete Townshend) and a very good singer (Roger Daltrey)! My dad got to see The Who twice in 1976 and he said it was the best concert he's EVER been to. (And he's seen Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr... He's seen so many people!) The Who. Long Live Rock!

*Long Live The Who* is dedicated with lots of Love and Respect to Keith John Moon, 1946-1978; and John Alec Entwistle, 1944-2002. Never again will there be such a great drummer or bassist. . We love you both and may you rest in Peace! :)

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*Long Live The Who*

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